Whether you are just a teenage girl who wants to make sure not to get pregnant or you just had a child and you want to wait for sometime before having the next one, contraceptives or birth control methods can be very helpful for both men and women. Not only that it can control when you want to have a child but it also helps women protect their health and physical concerns. Although safe birth control methods are not always best birth control options but still it’s better than having no protection or effectiveness at all.

Most people think that birth control and contraceptives have become more common in the 21st century but it’s an interesting fact that humans are using birth control methods for hundreds of years. Research shows that people even used to apply birth control methods in ancient times but those were not as advanced, safe and accurate as we can see these days. Also, there weren’t as many options available as we can see around us these days.

Nowadays you can find hundreds of birth control methods whether you live in a developed country i.e. America or under development country i.e. Somalia or Mali. Of course, the choice depends on the available options in your region but still, you can find many methods to choose from. But, if a birth control method is said to be very effective, it doesn’t certainly make them safe birth control methods or the other way around. It seems like somewhat a little compromise whether you make it on safety or effectiveness.

Safe birth control methods:


1.       Condoms:

Condoms are without any doubt the most common birth control method that is used around the world. There are condoms for both male and female and it depends on personal preference. In terms of safety, there is nothing that works better than condoms against STDs but it’s not 100% effective method. On average, it is only about 82% effective which makes it safe method but not the best method.

2.       Implants:

There are many types of implants available for birth control and the most common are the progestogen implant that is installed under the skin in the arm and as long it stays in the body, it stops the ovulation process. The benefits of this method include; high effectiveness rate, not painful or harmful for the women, long lasting results and control over the usage. This means even if you want to conceive and remove the implant, it can be done very easily without long lasting results or side effects.

3.       Injections:

Among safe and effective methods, progestogen injections are a very common and safe birth control method. It’s highly effective and you don’t need to apply it very often which makes it ideal for most of the women. Once you have the injection, it can prevent pregnancy up to 12 weeks or even longer than that. But it has some side effects i.e. depression, hormonal disorder, headache and the fact that you can’t just stop using it but it has to pass through the body with its natural timeline.

4.       Oral medication:

There are also medicine i.e. tablets available for birth control and it’s taken by the woman. These medicines are taken on the daily basis according to a specific pattern defined by the doctor. Even if these tablets are only effective up to 85%, the good thing about it is that because you take them on daily basis, you can stop whenever you want and it makes the menstrual cycle more regular and comfortable for women.