A human body is a set of organs and mechanisms that work together in a very complex way and even if you think that the body of a man and woman is the same, you can’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s right that most of the body operations are same for both genders but because of different organs and their operations for both groups, the diseases and health issues are also somehow different. There aren’t many men who face breast cancer problem compared to a huge number of women who go through this illness. A report from world health organization shows that millions of young girls and women encounter various types of diseases and illness throughout the world and this number is increasing with each year. Health issues that women are facing nowadays don’t only include the physical illnesses but it also includes the mental diseases and psychological problems.

What makes a woman’s body more complicated and vulnerable to diseases is the fact that they conceive a child in their womb and give birth to their kids. This doesn’t only affect their physical health but it can also result in postpartum stress that happens after delivery and it’s very common to women in third world countries.

Health Issues That Women are Facing Nowadays:


1.       Mental Health Issues:

What’s strange about how most people approach mental issues and brain related problems is that these illnesses are considered as invisible in most of the underdeveloped countries. Even if you can’t actually see a mental illness, it doesn’t make it not serious but researches show that if these illnesses are left untreated, it can result into severe and more serious condition even fatality in some cases. Because women are more sensitive as compared to men, it makes them more vulnerable to keeping stress and developing depression in their mind.

2.       Breast Cancer:

This is the health issue that women face most of the time and what’s sad about this disease is that most of the time, it’s diagnosed at very late stage where it’s not possible to cure or at least completely remove it from the body. Women in the countries where medical facilities are not cheap, face this issue most of the time. There is no way to make sure that a particular girl or woman won’t develop breast cancer but only way to control it is with periodic checkups so it can be detected at early stage.

3.       Abortion and unsafe un-safe birth control methods:

It’s not a surprise that because women are gifted with the ability to give birth to kids, more and more women around the world die every year because of un-safe abortion. This happens because in most of the countries abortion is illegal and considered as a serious crime which means even if a women or a young girl wants to abort an unwanted pregnancy, they have to go through hidden and illegal methods which puts them in great danger or death. The same thing goes for the birth control methods because in the same countries and areas of the world, contraceptives are considered as something unnatural.

Common women health concerns:

Many people think that men are more common to develop a heart disease and women are less likely to have a cardiovascular illness but researches show that heart attack is the number one cause of death in women. Most of the time, it strikes silently and doesn’t give much of a chance to women to handle in time. Other common women health concerns include HIV, STDs, nervous breakdown, stress and anxiety.