It is a great and fascinating fact to realize that technologies have made our life much easier and more comfortable and now we are able to perform the tasks that seemed impossible just a few decades back. People can still remember that when movies and films were first introduced to the general public, no one could have thought that the future is very bright for this technology and in the future you won’t need a bulky and heavy camera to shoot videos but your cellular phone will do this with ease. The same thing goes for the health sector. In this article, we will share you the Technology and the future of mental health.

These days not only the diagnoses of many untreatable diseases are possible but the scientists have found cures for many fatal illnesses i.e. cancer and tumors. This was not possible a while back when millions of people used to die just because of common cold, flu or malaria which seems very common and small health issues these days. Even if most of the diseases are curable these days, it seems that there is no limit to the technology and future of mental health treatment because no one agrees to stop at any time sooner. The search for better and better health options and treatments is getting stronger with each year. The same companies that were spending a few million dollars on these future technologies innovating mental health seem to double and even triple their investments to speed up the process in order to get one step closer to immortality.

Current technologies for improving mental health:

It is a fact that the work environment of most of the global companies is changing and employers seem to pay more attention to the health of their employees is very impressive and it’s not only because of lower employee turnover but a healthy employee pays more attention to his work and gives better performance and employers nowadays understand this reality. Other than better and healthier work environments, there are many applications on your mobile that you can use to boost your physical and mental health and most of these applications simply sync with your work routines so you don’t need to worry about spending extra time for exercise. Compared to a few decades ago, the diagnoses of mental illnesses have also become easier and more possible. The same issues that were addressed as simple madness have specific names these days because of the more accurate diagnoses with technologies and more advanced equipment.  ECG, MRI, Brain Scan and reading of neurological signals via a computer are just some common examples of technologies that are improving our physical and mental health these days.

Future Technologies Innovating Mental Health:

Among the many other future technologies for improving brain health that is in development these days i.e. Neuroinflammation, Neurogenetics and digital DNA mapping and behavioral sciences, brain stimulation is the under development technology that will change the whole world of disability. This is a technology that includes putting a stimulation device in the brain that can send signals to the dead parts of the brain and it can improve the movement of disabled body parts i.e. spine or legs or arms. If scientists actually develop this technology successfully, this can mean a full end to disability disease i.e. polio. DNA mapping is also a very promising area in medicine. With this technology, it will be possible to track the defects or possible disabilities in a child even if it is still in the womb of the mother. Genetically modified human being also seems possible with the advancement of medical technology in the 21st century.