In this century where we are completely surrounded by technologies and machines and equipment that make our life easier and luxurious, a mobile phone is just a small gadget but it has more benefits than any other equipment. When this technology came into existence, it was not as modern as we can see today but it was very simple i.e. making a phone call, answering a call or sending a text message. But now we can see the mobile phones that do a lot more than that. We can take pictures, record HD videos, watch movies and listen to music on the cellular device but the most important part of a mobile phone is the fact that now you can play hundreds of games without paying a penny. This fact and the ability to survive in a virtual world of social media have drawn too much attention of kids and teenagers. That’s the reason we can see millions of young kids using mobile phones at the earlier age. Parents may think that having a mobile phone makes a kid safer as we can stay in connect with him continuously but on the other hand, we will see How do smartphones affecting kid’s mental health.

Smartphones affecting kids’ mental health:

It’s very easy to understand that when you lock yourself in a room and limit your activities to your computer and mobile, it can damage not only your physical health but it will also affect your mental health and activities. If adults and old people are not immune to these bad effects, consider how it will impact the kids. A child’s brain is more sensitive and vulnerable as it’s under development and if a child is using a mobile constantly, it can not only slow the brain cell development but can also cause major problems i.e. cancer and tumors. Discomfort at night, sleep apnea and decreasing vision ability as some of the other physical problems that kids can encounter if they start spending more time on their smartphones and tablets rather than going out and playing in a natural and open environment. Some researchers show that using mobile for the longer period of time can allow the radio waves to penetrate deep into the brain and it can not only damage the whole development process but it can also cause permanent disability and learning obstacles in the later stages of life.

Positive and negative effects of technology on children:

Plenty of tech gadgets for fitness and health is obtainable in the market that people of all ages can make use of to live a healthy lifestyle. Talking about the good things that a mobile phone can bring to your child’s life include constant connectivity with the family members which means you can find out the whereabouts of your kids anytime you want and this way you can make sure that they are safe all the time. It can also provide a lot of help in case of any emergency i.e. accident or physical injury at home. Another fact that with the mobile phone, the whole internet is at your child’s fingertips and it can improve the learning process is also beneficial but still, there are many negative impacts of technologies as well. This includes lack of interest in physical contact with family members, liking the isolation away from social groups, unhealthy obsession with the social media and lack of interest in the physical activities. These are just some of the negatives effects of technology on children among the list of hundreds of bad factors that parents need to consider before handing over this technology to their kids.