If we explain anxiety in simple words; it’s an attack caused in the human body that results shaking and panicking and it’s caused by fear which can be of any kind. For example, in a tough situation when you feel that there might be a physical fight, your body starts shaking and you can’t control your heartbeat and breath, it’s simply anxiety or panic attack. Some people might think that there is a difference between a panic attack and anxiety attack but actually they are the same. Usually, a person feels this panic attack rarely but in some people, it’s more common. It starts becoming a serious problem when you encounter multiple panic attacks on daily basis. How to slow down anxiety might be one of the most common questions asked on the internet because it’s becoming more common in people around the world. Although men face these panic attacks more often but it doesn’t make women immune to this illness.

How to Slow Down Anxiety?


1.       Taking Control of Your Mind:

The one and only thing you need to understand about anxiety attack are that 99% of the time, it’s caused by fear. This fear can be anything from being crushed to death while going out in the street to the feeling of drowning near water to increased heartbeat and difficulty in breathing while thinking of confronting someone. The root cause behind anxiety is always the fear and when you understand how to control your fear, you have already solved most part of the problem. Try thinking of a difficult situation as it’s a test to check if you can survive or not and most of the time, it will help you relax your mind and body.

2.       Distracting Your Mind:

Distracting yourself in order to control the breathing and increased heartbeat can be a very effective trick. This way when you feel your body starts shaking because of fearing something, you can think of something else to distract your mind and ultimately, it will help you get back to your normal state within a short period of time. Although distracting your mind is not very easy but even if you have to struggle to learn it, you should pursue this option as it’s a more natural and easy way to control your anxiety attacks.

3.       Meditate On the More Regular Basis:

If you want to understand how meditation will help control anxiety, understand what anxiety is and how meditation changes your body and mind. With meditation, you start becoming calmer and relaxed all the time and it’s proven that meditation can help you stay calm even in a severe situation. Once you learn how to keep the same relaxed state in your mind, the anxiety attacks become less serious and they occur rarer after some time of meditation.

4.       Recognize the Anxiety Type and Seek Professional Help:

Because there are different types of anxiety attacks and mostly there are different reasons behind these attacks, it’s really important to diagnose and understand the root cause. Once you get familiar with the actual reason for the panic attack, you can consult with a professional to get some advice about how to control and it with natural exercises and medication.

Ways to Beat Anxiety in Women:

Usually, women experience anxiety attacks that are more severe and serious than men and controlling this issue more important for females. As a woman, you can try keeping yourself calm and spend more time with people who make you happy. Another important thing is to avoid the key causes of anxiety until you can effectively control it. It includes driving on the road, goes swimming or using an escalator.  Eating healthy food and eating more often can also be very helpful for you because food gives you energy and with enough energy in your body, anxiety attacks are easier to control and handle.